Artist Statement:

     If I had to use one word to describe what I seek with my art, I would have to say that it is 'essence'. As Webster defines it, essence is:

"That which makes something what it is; intrinsic, fundamental nature (of something) ; essential being. 6. in philosophy, the inward nature of anything, underlying it's manifestations; true substance."

     In order to express the geometry and generative impulse underlying the world of nature, one of the tools I used in the Florida Primeval Series employs an iterative numerical process called fractals. Having lived in Florida for many years I was interested in finding a way to express my experience of this lush but fast disappearing natural environment - and to imagine.


     "Fractal art is an art form that combines the precision of mathematical logic, the surprise of chaotic systems, and the passion of artistic expression."

~Damien M. Jones